being proud of something and NO one caresimage

Can someone explain to me why people go “what happens if I do this?” when they see you working painstakingly on something, after they asked you to explain the whole process (and it’s always obvious this shit takes a lot of WORK) and then proceed to prod your sculpt/draw a line over your art on your tablet or shit like that, what do you possibly get out of it other than me telling you I’ll punch a hole through your fucking face?


We received the following message tied to a stone from the opposite German trenches. —-We’re going to open fire with artillery. We don’t want to do this but we’ve been ordered to. It will come this evening, and we’ll blow a whistle first so you’ll have time to take cover.

Regimental War Diary, 5th Leicester Regiment, World War I. (via peashooter85)


Jesus take the wheel


Whoa there Jesus